Sweet Treats #4 (Roti Bakar)


     This was the first time I actually tried this dessert and I must say that it was delicious to the max power.

     Technically this dessert consists of bread which has been toasted I believe and drizzled with condensed milk then topped with shredded cheese and chocolate.

     After seeing the words cheese and chocolate written on the menu, my eyes immediately bulged wide open, and my sweet tooth automatically snapped on and I knew that I had to order this and taste it to soothe the craving.

     The first bite, I quickly tasted the sensation and sweetness of the condensed milk then the cheese kinda changed up the flavor a bit. Then the chocolate brought it back to sweet. All together it works so well, and I will definitely order this again

     The restaurant I ordered this from is called “SIMPANG ASIA” and I just love their food there especially their garlic style chicken and the curry sauce it goes well together and each dish enhances the flavor of the other.

     So if you crave for something sweet and want to taste something new, this is one of those dishes to have, as it delivers in taste, servings are acceptable as well, and the look of the dish is marvelous in style.

     My sweet tooth definitely enjoyed and was delighted at the tasting of this sweet, cheesy goodness.


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