Mama’s Cooking (Pork Tausi)

     Tonight my mom cooked up one of my homestyle food dish from the Philippines, and this yummy dish is called Tausi.

      So for an intro to the dish, Tausi is a dish that contains dark colored beans that give the flavor of salty goodness. Like any base, mostly anything can be paired with such sauce, either pork, ground beef, salmon, etc…

       For my liking though I like mine with pork, just because the meaty and hearty flavor of the pork works very well in complimenting the flavors of the Tausi beans.

       Also this is a perfect dish to eat with lots of rice, and growing up in the Philippines, most of our meals consists of rice and a meal, and since this particular meal is known for its salty flavors, mixing it with some rice helps tame that flavor and works magic as the flavors combine.


Mama’s Cooking (Beef Steak)


     One of my Mama’s favorite dishes to cook is beef steak. Beef steak is simply a short ribs stew, but it has a more soy saucey kinda sauce added to it.

     When my mama wants to cook something that gets the family down for dinner in a matter of seconds, this is definitely one of her go to meals as she always hits a home run cooking this dish. You know that this dish is really a hit when as soon as the dish hits the table it’s all hands flying everywhere for my family, as everyone tries to get some of rice and some of the steak and the sauce all at once. I mean its like a wrestling match or something on the table. It may be a ruckus indeed, but seeing the family all so invested in her cooking and loving it so much that a fight breaks loose for who gets the last piece of steak arises, somehow makes my mom satisfied and acconplished in providing a happy home cooked meal.

     So to simply describe this dish, you get your salty from the soy sauce, then that good meaty, tender, succulent taste from the short ribs, which to me is one of the best flavored meats, and also with some cuts of onions added to this dish it will add that extra lovely sweetness flavor and with all these components they just work together really well and makes for one unforgettable dinner.


Mama’s Cooking (Shrimp Tempura)


     A dish my mom would always cook, when the weather is good and not as sizzling hot, is shrimp tempura.

     Growing up shrimp tempura was literally like the majority of the meals I ate. I remember that every week, I would beg my mom to cook shrimp tempura to the point where my family thought I was joking around, but really I do love the taste of shrimpy goodness, especially the way my mom makes it.

     She layers the shrimp with breadcrumbs and tempura coating, but I believe that she adds some kick to it, but not like a kick that’s spicy as I have acid reflux and that doesn’t go well, but she adds some spices in there that gets your mouth bursting with flavor when you pop a piece into your mouth.

     She also makes them tender and crunchy, I don’t know how she gets then so crunchy, but it is dang crunch goodness.

     I honestly had like over 20 pieces of this thing, as for me after eating one, it’s just like potato chips, “You Just Can’t Have One.”

     So I know I will venturing out and probably posting more shrimp tempura dishes, as I am totally excited to search and find a restaurant that has super, tasty, seafoody, shrimpy goodness.

Fruit Salad


     So to start things off, I would like to just say that fruit salad is basically one of my families all time favorite desserts.

     This type of fruit salad is a style from the Philippines, and it contains Condensed Milk and Nestle Cream, and of course the canned fruits.

     I basically just copied my mother’s recipe for her fruit salad, because she absolutely nails it everytime with the perfect amount of sweetness and keeping enough sauce without it being over watery.

     Fruit salad is definitely something that is perfect to serve at this moment, for it has been in the 90° this past months. The heat can get quite intense especially in the afternoons, so the best way to counter that problem is with something sweet and chilled, like a fruit salad.

     So…… wrapping up now, time to dig into this eye wonder and hopefully this batch will last me until the heat passes…….

Mama’s Cooking (Arroz Caldo)


At first glance, it might not seem that appealing and delectable to eat, but this is one of the many foods that I enjoy eating that is widely serve in the Philippines.

Arroz Caldo is sort of a soup dish that usually consists of a broth, rice and chicken. All together these three components work really well together and give off a unique flavor, also with the proper seasonings this dish can instantly be a home run in the kitchen.

My mom usually cooks this when it’s cold outdoors, cause we all know when it’s cold outside the best dish is a dish served hot, but we all haven’t had it in a while so we asked her to cooked up a bunch for us and there at that moment I remembered the flavors of exact heaven.

Arroz caldo is just one of the many dishes I love from the Philippines that truely helps me stay in touch with my culture, especially since I crave it most times in the winter season. Also eating it helps me remember the good times of cuddling up in the sofa, watching cartoons and just pure relaxation as the rain poured outside, something about that moment was pure calmness for me.

So to that I give a two thumbs up to my fellow friend the delicious and ever tasty “ARROZ CALDO….”

Mama’s Cooking (Lobster)


     I remember eating this like it was yesterday. My first reaction upon seeing this beautiful creation was “Holy Craps, that’s a huge lobster,” I mean like I have eaten some lobster previous to that day, but this was just WOW!

     I remember as well that my mouth started watering just as it was being prepared. The wait was literally torture.

     Just as it was almost ready, you can instantly smell that seafood aroma fill up the kitchen and that for me is a savored moment.

     Of course there was also a butter sauce on the side, because it is indeed a known fact that butter makes everything better, but in this case the combination of the melted butter sauce and lobster just perfectly melds together and a flavor explosion happens when eaten together.

     Just blogging about it makes me hungry, So I guess I gotta ask my mom if she can get some, because this was a meal I quite enjoyed a lots……