Food Fun In Disneyland

Now for the favorite part of the trip was the food.

Everytime I go to Disneyland, I without a doubt always have to have their Corndogs. I am a lover of Corndogs and the ratio of batter and flavoring and the hotdogs used is just perfectly match that I have to have one when visiting.

Then for brunch nearing dinner, we had a burger feast which was a perfect meal to have for dinner as it was delicious and filling.

Then finally topping everything of was the dessert, and one of the best desserts in Disneyland are their Churros. Sweet, sugary, cinnamony, goodness that I had to have two at least hehe 😁……

……Also on my way to shopping at the Star Wars souvernir section, I found the cutest rice crispy treats that came in the form of BB-8…. and as a lover of treats and cute styles I had to purchase one 😄…….

A Day In Disneyland

   I was so excited when my aunt announce that we would be going to Disneyland before school started again.

   Disneyland is indeed, for me, the happiest place on earth and every time I step into the floors of this magical place, I am swept into a dream world of fun and pure joy.

   The many rides from Carouseling to Indiana Jones, there is something for everybody to enjoy.

   I just love Disneyland and spending a day in such an epic place, makes wonderful memories to me… also getting those signatures from the many Disney characters is a fun mission of mine.

   So until next time time Disneyland, I shall miss you and for sure I will be back 😁

Potato Corner


One of my go to places when I am strongly craving some fries is Potato Corner. Let me be craving some fries, covered in a flavoring powder of cheddar, garlic parmesan or sour cream and onion, I know Potato Corner is the perfect place to go. Their fries are just exquisitely fried to perfection and the coating of the flavoring powder was a ringer to make me a fan for their fries in a heartbeat… also on the times when I’m feeling “Totty” 😁…. I can get my fries in the form of tater tots, which is as exquisitely delicious as their fries.

And of course as a lover as well of chicken wings, I most of the time get the combo of their fries and wings…. and just like their fries, the wings are coated in a lovely crispy crunch, with a good savory, hearty flavor from the meat. Also as a fan of fried chicken that crunch you get when you bite into the skin of the chicken wing, is a massive bonus to their wings yummy yum yum flavors.



Did you know Vons markets sell chicken, cause I didn’t and boy must I say I have been missing out on some yum yum flavors.

Firstly, I will say that the chicken definitely gets an A++ for deliciousness, the bursting tasty, savory, meaty flavors that we love from fried chicken are all here with a good blend of salty flavors that you will find yourself reaching for more than one piece.

The other factor that their chicken has, and is one of my favorite factors in fried food is that good olé crispness you get when you bite into the skin of the dish. I mean I’m not really aware of the process that goes to getting that crispy perfection, but they definitely got the goodness mastered.

Luckily too, I live near a Vons market, I might have found out about their chicken dish later then expected, but the advantage of living a close distance to a Vons market is that, once the hunger for some fried chicken become reals, I know where I’m heading…. HEHE!!! 😁


I wanted to greet everyone of my lovely peoples a Happy New Year, as I can’t believe 2015 went by just like that. It was a good year, from finally getting through my resolutions, accomplishing a good year at school, and finding more deliciousness of delectable foods, hehe 👌

So here’s me wishing more awesome events for the New Year, and can’t wait to experience the surprises coming up 🎆🎆🎆


Thanksgiving At Vegas


   This year it was a jolly good change of pace in Thanksgiving with family as we didn’t stay home and cook turkey and gravy and purchase ham from a store, but this year was special because we traveled to Vegas and celebrated Thanksgiving there.

   I always was curious what a buffet would be like around Thanksgiving and this year I am glad I got the chance to experience just that.

   Of course though for breakfast I had to have the bestest meals I get when I always come to Vegas and that is a good ordering of room service from T.G.I Fridays and getting there Country Fried Steak with eggs and hash, I mean just seeing that white gravy on the chicken fried steak upon being delivered the plate is just mouth watering goodness. Instant love, love, love right there.

   But the long awaited Thanksgiving dinner at the Ports O Call Buffet was the highlight of my night. I mean a large serving of duck, Teriyaki Salmon, which I absolutely enjoyed and one of the tastiest garlic breads I have eaten, made this dinner one I will surely cherish as a great moment in my Vegas travels.

   Then for dessert, unlimited servings of Chocolate Cakes, instantly signed, sealed and delivered my tummy to happy town.

   And now that dinner finally gone, the next phase of the holiday begins for me and that is spending a whole good “Shop Til I Drop” moment at a Black Friday Sale, hoping that my hunt for that Samsung Camera would come true.

   So sending off this post guys, with a link to my instagram where I posted all these wonderful foods 😁

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