Beauty and the Beach


     If you are the type of person who likes to see the beautiful stars and the shore lights at night, “The Beach Is The Place To Go!”

     If you are the type of person who enjoys a nice bonfire by the water and taking a dive into the endless waters, “The Beach Is The Place To Go!”

     If you are the type of person who becomes flirty and gets a kick from seeing countless numbers of shirtless guys, “The Beach Is The Place To Go!”

     And if you are the type of person who likes getting sand in your eye, your shoe, your pants and your bum cheeks then no doubt about it!, “The Beach Is The Place To Go!”

     The beach has always been there for people in dire need especially in this part of the country where summer becomes dreadful and if not cautious can end up crispy fried like a fried egg.

     Summer is the time when the burns become real, and the heat sweats sweeps the population. The beach is a place that grants people cold and breezy air, although one can indeed get cold and breezy air from an air conditioner at home, but the air in the beach is free, so that counts indeed.

     Nothing though can compare to the beautiful scenery that is painted at night when the shore lights turn on and the bonfire’s flames glares all over the sky, something about that imagery projected  seems stunningly captivating.

     Also…… it is a great place to go to hang out with your close friends and maybe even for a going away party for one of them.

     The beach has been serving people with it’s beauty and cold air and I would like to just say…..

“Thank you for your welcoming arms and thank you for the amounts of
sand in my pants!!!!”   🙂

Mama’s Cooking (Arroz Caldo)


At first glance, it might not seem that appealing and delectable to eat, but this is one of the many foods that I enjoy eating that is widely serve in the Philippines.

Arroz Caldo is sort of a soup dish that usually consists of a broth, rice and chicken. All together these three components work really well together and give off a unique flavor, also with the proper seasonings this dish can instantly be a home run in the kitchen.

My mom usually cooks this when it’s cold outdoors, cause we all know when it’s cold outside the best dish is a dish served hot, but we all haven’t had it in a while so we asked her to cooked up a bunch for us and there at that moment I remembered the flavors of exact heaven.

Arroz caldo is just one of the many dishes I love from the Philippines that truely helps me stay in touch with my culture, especially since I crave it most times in the winter season. Also eating it helps me remember the good times of cuddling up in the sofa, watching cartoons and just pure relaxation as the rain poured outside, something about that moment was pure calmness for me.

So to that I give a two thumbs up to my fellow friend the delicious and ever tasty “ARROZ CALDO….”

That’s Life

Life is a rollercoaster, that’s what they all say

It climbs up one moment, and drops the other day

It can surely get rough, it will swing from side to side

So keep all hands in, and hang on for the ride

Sweet Treats #3


     Nothing gets sweeter and chiller than a good cooled ice cream sandwich. For my taste this type of sweet treat always hits the mark and doesn’t disappoint. I mean really though how can you go wrong with chocolate and ice cream combined together???

     Klondike has been one of my favorite brands and still is. There brand delivers the tastiest ice cream sandwiches that exist in my opinion, so I would like to dedicate this edition of “Sweet Treats” to them as I way to show my thanks.

     Oh my goshhh! just writing about ice cream sandwiches gets me craving hard, I mean I just can taste it right now at the tip of my lips as my teeth linger from the chills of the ice cream, I totally need one this moment, but too bad no one can drive me to the market any time soon, talk about the feels (#thestruggle)……..

Dance with the Demons

My own demons, that no one can see

They think I’m crazy, so they scream at me

From all these struggles, my body has swollen

The childhood I linger for, my demons has stolen

So I run this path, with blood and tears

I slowly die with each passing year

I take the punches, waiting to feel fine

As I reach the end, the end of the line