Dead Man Living

A life like a gamble, smiles and tears make up the rolling dice

Creating or shattering mind and soul, frozen in fear of cold ice

Misunderstood, neglected, left to die in the dust

Living, but me, a dead man walking, roaming with a heart of rust


A gust and I’m blown, I’m lost with no light

Searching for an exit, through darkness, I fight

But only human, soon I grow tired, still no way out in sight

I crumble, gave in, to the endless, forsaken night

Guilty Pleasure

In the presence of stunning beauty, feeling the magic of a touch

Like soft silk caressing every inch, sparking emotions and such

Laying that beauty upon a heart, that has fallen hard

A love so guilty, making one drop off their guard


Food Fun In Disneyland

Now for the favorite part of the trip was the food.

Everytime I go to Disneyland, I without a doubt always have to have their Corndogs. I am a lover of Corndogs and the ratio of batter and flavoring and the hotdogs used is just perfectly match that I have to have one when visiting.

Then for brunch nearing dinner, we had a burger feast which was a perfect meal to have for dinner as it was delicious and filling.

Then finally topping everything of was the dessert, and one of the best desserts in Disneyland are their Churros. Sweet, sugary, cinnamony, goodness that I had to have two at least hehe 😁……

……Also on my way to shopping at the Star Wars souvernir section, I found the cutest rice crispy treats that came in the form of BB-8…. and as a lover of treats and cute styles I had to purchase one 😄…….

A Day In Disneyland

   I was so excited when my aunt announce that we would be going to Disneyland before school started again.

   Disneyland is indeed, for me, the happiest place on earth and every time I step into the floors of this magical place, I am swept into a dream world of fun and pure joy.

   The many rides from Carouseling to Indiana Jones, there is something for everybody to enjoy.

   I just love Disneyland and spending a day in such an epic place, makes wonderful memories to me… also getting those signatures from the many Disney characters is a fun mission of mine.

   So until next time time Disneyland, I shall miss you and for sure I will be back 😁