Sweet Treats #11

Hey guys I know it took a while, but finally I’m able to put up my first video hehe!, I hope you guys enjoy my first video edition of my “Sweet Treats” segment 😀



Sweet Treats #10 (Raisinets)


     Good Ole Raisinets, this has been one of my go to snacks in the theaters. I remember I use to eat like three boxes of this in one showing. Basically most of the times I would go to the movies, just to get these lovely, sweet delectables, but of course I stayed for the entire film 😁.

     You can really get the full sweet experience from these lovelies. The sweetness of the chocolate matching with the sweetness and somewhat tart flavor of the raisin is simply remarkable in the taste buds….

     So since my aunt bought some today, I decided these treats definitely deserves the massive shoutout as my favorable “Sweet Treat”

Sweet Treats #9 (Papa Johns’ Brownies)


It is a fact that when it comes to brownies I become extra loco for a bite of its scrumptious choco goodness. So when I heard that Papa Johns has added a signature dessert that was a double fudge brownie, I did not hesitate one moment and had to order it at immediately.

Now this brownie is spectacular when I bit into it. I mean the smoothness, the choco goodness, the softness of the flavor, all the important components of a delicious brownie was all there in just that one bite. It was like yes yes yes!!! served up in the form of a 9 sliced brownie dish.

Of course if something is that good, my sweet tooth goes jumping and popping all over and basically I can chew chew on more than one piece, which I think the final tally of eaten pieces came to about 5 pieces.

I know that’s screaming diabetes and all sorts of unhealthy eating, but if it’s brownies and if it’s like this chocolatey goodness, I don’t mind getting a little sweet tooth crazy once in a while…… 😘🍫

Sweet Treats #8 (Lychee Jello)


     Lychee, with its fruity, sweety, goody flavor, makes for a magical jello snack.

     I found this little cutie in an asian market and it comes in a pack with many other assorted flavors such as mango and strawberry. Though for me if I see lychee it usually is my go to picking, but in the situation that there’s also a coconut flavor then the situation just got reals and the choosing becomes intensely tough lols! 😁

     So this jello snacks are perfect to nibble nibble on especially for the sweet tooths people as these snacks are easy to carry around and they come in a variety of flavors and they are just tasty good.

Sweet Treats #7 (Coconut Cheese Tarts)


     For this sweet treat post, I am going into one treat I havent tasted before and that is a tart.

     At first I was expecting something like a pop tart, since that is mostly the tart I have eaten, but after my aunt bought a (Young Coconut/Cheese Tart) I soon realized it was somewhat of a  pie/cake style kinda treat.

     Like I said before in my macaroon post, I love, love, love me some coconut, especially when it’s young coconut.

    To state some facts, young coconut is different to the coconut used in macaroons in the way that young coconut are softer and their sort of the “meat” that you get when you pop open a whole coconut. It’s soft, sweet and I know it packs lots of nutrients as coconut does help cleanse the urinary system, at least that’s what I was told as a kid. Then for the coconut used in  macaroons, the kind of coconut used there are somewhat similar to coconut shavings, which are more hard in texture, but not hard like hard rock hard, just that it is simply not as soft as young coconut. Also coconut shavings tend to havr a much more flakey texture.

     For me I prefer young coconut, because it’s more natural tasting and the texture is more preferable, but I do love coconut shavings as well.

     The tarts were delectable and I could tell you that it tasted much like a Cassava Cake. I tasted tons of cassava cakes before, mostly when I use to live in the Philippines, my family would always have cassava cakes as desserts, so upon biting into this dish I definitely got the resembling feeling that of a cassava cake.

     This tart also consists of a cheese flavor which is not overpowering, but it slides under like a blanket to the coconut. Again in this treat the coconut is the flavor that stands out the most when you go in for a taste.

     The crust also adds a pretty nice textures, but it also adds a bonus to this sweety treat’s layering of flavors.

     So if you guys ever want to taste a sweet treat style pie with a twist put on it, then you can try this young coconut cheese tart from Leelin(Goldilocks). Also they sell other styles of desserts and dishes that I found to be nostalgic as it brought me back to the treats I grew up eating in the Philippines.



Sweet Treats #6 (Macaroons)


     A treat that I grew up eating as a child was a macaroon, and luckily I was able to find one when I ventured out to a Filipino store with aunt, and doubles my luck as the macaroon was in a flavor I truly love.

    We found this cute packaged one’s from a Red Ribbon store when I was outing and thought why not try a macaroon once again since it is a sweet treat and it was coconut flavored, which upon seeing it instantly just made my mouth crave the treat.

     So we did purchase it for a trial run, and I must say that it was a treat indeed with strong and awesomness coconut goodness flavor that I came to love so much.

     This macaroon was not as sweet as the previous ones, but that coconut flavor stood out for me and this delicacy quite strongly had a more cake flavor to it. I had about three pieces because of the fact that I do love, love, love coconut flavor, but also this macaroon had a tender, crisp layer which gave the macaroon that texture addition.

     You do also get an accented taste of sugar layering the macaroon when you bite into it, but mainly the coconut is the star flavor that bursts out immediately after biting it.

     So for the coconut fans like me, this is a sweet treat that you need to indeedly try as it will send your sweet tooth tingling for more with its coconut goodness flavor.


Sweet Treats #5 (Assorted Cheesecakes)


     This is what I call perfection. This actually comes with most of my favorite cheesecake flavors.

     It’s basically like getting a strawberry, brownie, chocolate and caramel cheesecake, but you only really paid for one piece. It’s definitely nice towards the wallet, and it taste and feels so dang delicious towards the mouth.

     I also need to applaud them for their cheesecake crust, usually store bought cheesecakes aren’t as high quality than those like you get in Cheesecake Factory or Red Ribbon and such, but I must say that this was actually in their level. It has that sweet, mouth shimmering, loving flavor that you get from Cheesecake Factory and at the same time is worth it cause you get several flavors for a purchase at a low price. So for someone like me who craves a sweet treat and must have one now and then, this cheesecake defintely can get the job done.

     I think I got this at Ralphs, but I will double check and update when I have confirmed it, and I must also say that I been loving Ralphs for a while now, for their ready to serve delicacies and desserts, I mean I can literally have a full on dinner for a great value at Ralphs!!!