Free Fall

How do we know the liars from the cheats

How do we know the cruelty that one bleeds

How do we know if their eyes will pierce us to our death

How do we know if today we breathe our last breath

How do we know if we can repair the shatters that broke when we fell

How do we know if we really know someone that well

Truth is, we can’t, but we must leap towards faith so we can advance

So I take a breathe, clench my fists, and I take that chance

Sweet Treats #11

Hey guys I know it took a while, but finally I’m able to put up my first video hehe!, I hope you guys enjoy my first video edition of my “Sweet Treats” segment 😀


Mama’s Cooking (Pork Tausi)

     Tonight my mom cooked up one of my homestyle food dish from the Philippines, and this yummy dish is called Tausi.

      So for an intro to the dish, Tausi is a dish that contains dark colored beans that give the flavor of salty goodness. Like any base, mostly anything can be paired with such sauce, either pork, ground beef, salmon, etc…

       For my liking though I like mine with pork, just because the meaty and hearty flavor of the pork works very well in complimenting the flavors of the Tausi beans.

       Also this is a perfect dish to eat with lots of rice, and growing up in the Philippines, most of our meals consists of rice and a meal, and since this particular meal is known for its salty flavors, mixing it with some rice helps tame that flavor and works magic as the flavors combine.


Beasts Of The Wild

I am human, but a beast lies inside

When confronted, threatened, or pushed aside, this beast emerges, attacks and refuses to just hide

I run from it, I run from myself, so I fear it, and the beast itself

I am human, but a beast of the wild I have come to be

This animal is furious, screaming out loud, a beast sending out a cry, a plea


A Feast For The Eyes

We sat on the table, like a family, to dine

But before we eat, let’s all ease our minds

Say a prayer for thanks, show our gratitude for the food

Then we toast with some red wine, then all guilt is subdued

Now we all can indulge, with a feast for the eyes

I reach for a piece of leg, then go for the finger fries

Dinner was simply exquisite, the best, we need to plan another

Guess this proves that some people taste better than others

Music Of My Life

You bring the melody to life, you are the notes that make everything right

Lyrics that tell a thousand stories, that clears all sorrows and worries

The music is of perfection, an art full piece of great composition

You are the music that brings me happiness, and paints my world with colors of loveliness