Once existed a fear that held you back

Made you lose yourself, thrown your life out of track

But the thing with fear is, you can always breakthrough the cracks

Just a drop of courage, and no fear can ever hold you back


Clumsy Me

Clumsy me will likely fall down the stairs

I even fall down getting off my own chair

I may slip on a napkin, and even trip on my own feet while walking

You can catch me 99% of the time, just tripping and falling


Fourteen, with a crush, held on to it, like no other

Felt so loved,¬†a true love,¬†thought I¬†wouldn’t love another

Fourteen,¬†might’ve been young,¬†feeling this¬†love, ever so¬†colorful

Only for a summer, but was special, that puppy love, so memorable