A Shadow

‚ÄčLet the shadow, gracefully dance under the grey lit shade
As I dance in the darkness, magic is made
Too dark, too silent, to bad no one stays in the shadows with me
I make magic, I make art, but no one will ever get to see.

Potato Corner


One of my go to places when I am strongly craving some fries is Potato Corner. Let me be craving some fries, covered in a flavoring powder of cheddar, garlic parmesan or sour cream and onion, I know¬†Potato Corner¬†is the perfect place to go. Their fries are just exquisitely fried to perfection and the coating of the flavoring powder¬†was a ringer¬†to make me a fan for their fries in a heartbeat… also¬†on the times when I’m feeling “Totty” ūüėĀ…. I can get my fries in the form of¬†tater¬†tots, which is as exquisitely delicious¬†as their fries.

And of course as a lover as well of chicken wings, I most of the time¬†get the combo of their fries and wings…. and just like their fries, the wings are coated in a lovely¬†crispy crunch, with a good savory, hearty flavor from the meat. Also¬†as a fan of fried chicken that crunch¬†you get when you bite into the skin of the¬†chicken¬†wing,¬†is¬†a massive bonus to their wings yummy yum yum flavors.



Once existed a fear that held you back

Made you lose yourself, thrown your life out of track

But the thing with fear is, you can always breakthrough the cracks

Just a drop of courage, and no fear can ever hold you back



Fourteen, with a crush, held on to it, like no other

Felt so loved,¬†a true love,¬†thought I¬†wouldn’t love another

Fourteen,¬†might’ve been young,¬†feeling this¬†love, ever so¬†colorful

Only for a summer, but was special, that puppy love, so memorable