Trick R Treat

                   👼👼  HAPPY 👼👼

Trick r treat for candy, as the night goes on

Scares in the air, skeletons on the lawn

Fright becomes the sight, ghouls, goblins and more

Chills to the bones, hear the nights roar

              👼👼 HALLOWEEN 👼👼

Mama’s Cooking (Beef Steak)


     One of my Mama’s favorite dishes to cook is beef steak. Beef steak is simply a short ribs stew, but it has a more soy saucey kinda sauce added to it.

     When my mama wants to cook something that gets the family down for dinner in a matter of seconds, this is definitely one of her go to meals as she always hits a home run cooking this dish. You know that this dish is really a hit when as soon as the dish hits the table it’s all hands flying everywhere for my family, as everyone tries to get some of rice and some of the steak and the sauce all at once. I mean its like a wrestling match or something on the table. It may be a ruckus indeed, but seeing the family all so invested in her cooking and loving it so much that a fight breaks loose for who gets the last piece of steak arises, somehow makes my mom satisfied and acconplished in providing a happy home cooked meal.

     So to simply describe this dish, you get your salty from the soy sauce, then that good meaty, tender, succulent taste from the short ribs, which to me is one of the best flavored meats, and also with some cuts of onions added to this dish it will add that extra lovely sweetness flavor and with all these components they just work together really well and makes for one unforgettable dinner.


Down At Valencia Drive

Apparation, imagination, what did we see

Our car came running, and we ran over somebody

With a heavy roll, from the front all the way to the back

It happened so fast, nobody could even react

911, “Valencia Drive, there’s been an accident”

This road is truly curse, as this has been already the 7th incident

What’s up with this road, why do bad things happen down here

Besides the car crashes, this place is also where people disappear

Valencia Drive with a path so narrow, hallow and darkened

Through the forest, whispers of voices heard so smoothly, softened

Haunted, curse, this is surely the last time I take this path

As I don’t want to fall under the deadly roads’ wrath

Lamb Korma and Tikka Masala With Potato Naan


     Something that I just grew a craving for is curry, and I am so happy that I found a restaurant close by that serves up some delicious curry dishes.

     Anything lamb and I will instantly love it, so if it is a lamb curry, I know I will truly love it for it consists of two things that I like to eat.

     The lamb korma dish is quite delicious that it has a mixture of a sweet and at the same time hearty, meaty flavor from the lamb. You also get the savory curry sauce, but the style of flavoring in the dish isn’t as spicy as other curries I have tasted. For me that is one of the reasons that I love this restaurant, because I am someone who has suffered from acid reflux, and that problem hinders me from having any sort of really spicy foods, so this curry is perfectly suited for me as the flavors are all on point and exquisite and at the same time I won’t be suffering from the my acid reflux as the curry dish isn’t all that spicy…. so it’s all perfect for me.

     The chicken tikka masala is the same as the lamb korma but the main difference that I noticed is that the korma is much sweeter, sort of milky consistency, as the masala had a more salty, tomatoey flavor. Though both together make a wonderful rice dish combo as you place the sauce on the rice and take a bite of everything, it all just makes for one spoonful of yummy yummy in the tummy.

     The potato naan was also tasty as a means to dip into the sauce of the curry, which to me went well as the flavors of the curries were remarkably good with a mixture of the naan.

     These dishes can be found at a restaurant called “Tara’s Himalayan Cuisine” which they specialize in making Nepalese dishes, so if you are ever craving for some delicious curry or a sweet drink like there Lassi, this restaurant can serve up happiness on a plate while also placing some happiness in your tum tums 🍴🍴🍴

Cater Waiter

I was a pawn, in a game of love

Filled with lying, cheating, heartbreaking, ending in disaster

When push came to shove, I had to quickly rise above, but surely still felt unloved

A few years later, nothings better, for your every whim, I was just your cater waiter