Into The Playground

Into the playground we go, the never ending ride

From swinging on the swings, to sliding  down the slides

From watching the rain pour down while waiting for papa

To cooking scrambled eggs and baking cookies with our dear mama

Reminisce it all, and cherish that feeling

The gift nostalgia gives, is a ray of healing

Childhood is precious and dear, so never let it go

Cause no matter how old you get, these memories you won’t outgrow

Lady Of The Tulips

There lies a flower, known for her beauty

Don’t be fooled though, she is truly deadly

They call her Flora, the lady of the tulips

Many men were broken, from tasting those lips

Watch out for that aroma, that’s her secret drug

She clings and consumes you inside, just like any other bug

Lady of the tulips, why do you hunt all of a sudden?

She exclaimed with anger “it’s the pain that had me blackened”


You took me for a joyride

Then ditched me on the side

You said I was your everything

But treated me like nothing

It was one lie after another

Was I just somewhat of a bother

You broke me, cracked my heart into two

But through it all, my heart still lingers for you


To trust is like a free fall, knowing someone in the end will catch you

They will always be by your side, because their love is true

Trust is what determines who are there for you in the long run

The truest of all the true, they are your special someones


He is a dynamite, just waiting to explode

He knows he doesn’t have long, soon he will hit the road

His body is on earth, but above his spirit hangs

He is a dynamite, in a flash, he blasts with a bang