I was a stranger, a nobody, to the vision of others, I was merely dust

But for a second of hopelessness, a change, I was seen by eyes filled with compassion and a loving lust 

For my grey colors, to be painted with yellow and red, a heart of gold whom repaired an armor corroding with rust

You simply just lent a hand, a hand of kindness, but a million blessings given to a random stranger, you, a Sir, of charitable trust



We all struggle, and we all may fall

We all have moments when we cry, we try not to, but still we do

We all put on brave faces, to mask the pain and erase all traces

We all eventually meet at a path, comprise of a way so wise, a way through the struggles, still we rise

A Shadow

‚ÄčLet the shadow, gracefully dance under the grey lit shade
As I dance in the darkness, magic is made
Too dark, too silent, to bad no one stays in the shadows with me
I make magic, I make art, but no one will ever get to see.