Clinging to the rhythm of an ever changing generation

Once a child, then a teen, now an adult of a speedy transformation

I now move with responsibility, workforce and sound

As an adult, this is an image I must uphold around


I love you, but it hurts

I love you, but I bleed

I love you, but I’m left bruised

I love you, but I’m crying

I love you, and I’m dying

I love you, now I’ve passed away

Dead Man Living

A life like a gamble, smiles and tears make up the rolling dice

Creating or shattering mind and soul, frozen in fear of cold ice

Misunderstood, neglected, left to die in the dust

Living, but me, a dead man walking, roaming with a heart of rust


A gust and I’m blown, I’m lost with no light

Searching for an exit, through darkness, I fight

But only human, soon I grow tired, still no way out in sight

I crumble, gave in, to the endless, forsaken night