Did you know Vons markets sell chicken, cause I didn’t and boy must I say I have been missing out on some yum yum flavors.

Firstly, I will say that the chicken definitely gets an A++ for deliciousness, the bursting tasty, savory, meaty flavors that we love from fried chicken are all here with a good blend of salty flavors that you will find yourself reaching for more than one piece.

The other factor that their chicken has, and is one of my favorite factors in fried food is that good olé crispness you get when you bite into the skin of the dish. I mean I’m not really aware of the process that goes to getting that crispy perfection, but they definitely got the goodness mastered.

Luckily too, I live near a Vons market, I might have found out about their chicken dish later then expected, but the advantage of living a close distance to a Vons market is that, once the hunger for some fried chicken become reals, I know where I’m heading…. HEHE!!! 😁


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