Let’s take a trip back, back to 1995

Born with siblings of four, trouble was bound to arrive

Then at two, took my first steps and a celebration broke out

From learning 1,2,3’s to abc’s, that’s what it was all about

Flashforward to ten, that’s when school really began

Getting through six years, were filled with let’s do this, and I can’s

Then high school was a big change, where the heck am I?

This wasn’t like any other experience, but I still got by

Got some scars along the way, but learned so many things

As these school moments flash, nostalgia strongly rings

Along the way, I also got to meet that one special friend

Guess what? she’s still here, with me, all together til the end

Now at 20, all grown up from that little ole baby

As we go through this video, tears are shed and fall slowly

Can’t blame the crying really, there’s just a feeling you get, strolling through memories like this

Just feels like cloud nine, I mean, it’s instant bliss


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