Thanksgiving At Vegas


   This year it was a jolly good change of pace in Thanksgiving with family as we didn’t stay home and cook turkey and gravy and purchase ham from a store, but this year was special because we traveled to Vegas and celebrated Thanksgiving there.

   I always was curious what a buffet would be like around Thanksgiving and this year I am glad I got the chance to experience just that.

   Of course though for breakfast I had to have the bestest meals I get when I always come to Vegas and that is a good ordering of room service from T.G.I Fridays and getting there Country Fried Steak with eggs and hash, I mean just seeing that white gravy on the chicken fried steak upon being delivered the plate is just mouth watering goodness. Instant love, love, love right there.

   But the long awaited Thanksgiving dinner at the Ports O Call Buffet was the highlight of my night. I mean a large serving of duck, Teriyaki Salmon, which I absolutely enjoyed and one of the tastiest garlic breads I have eaten, made this dinner one I will surely cherish as a great moment in my Vegas travels.

   Then for dessert, unlimited servings of Chocolate Cakes, instantly signed, sealed and delivered my tummy to happy town.

   And now that dinner finally gone, the next phase of the holiday begins for me and that is spending a whole good “Shop Til I Drop” moment at a Black Friday Sale, hoping that my hunt for that Samsung Camera would come true.

   So sending off this post guys, with a link to my instagram where I posted all these wonderful foods 😁

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