Sweet Treats #9 (Papa Johns’ Brownies)


It is a fact that when it comes to brownies I become extra loco for a bite of its scrumptious choco goodness. So when I heard that Papa Johns has added a signature dessert that was a double fudge brownie, I did not hesitate one moment and had to order it at immediately.

Now this brownie is spectacular when I bit into it. I mean the smoothness, the choco goodness, the softness of the flavor, all the important components of a delicious brownie was all there in just that one bite. It was like yes yes yes!!! served up in the form of a 9 sliced brownie dish.

Of course if something is that good, my sweet tooth goes jumping and popping all over and basically I can chew chew on more than one piece, which I think the final tally of eaten pieces came to about 5 pieces.

I know that’s screaming diabetes and all sorts of unhealthy eating, but if it’s brownies and if it’s like this chocolatey goodness, I don’t mind getting a little sweet tooth crazy once in a while…… 😘🍫


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