Siopao (Asado)


     For this week I wanted to share with you guys one of the best and easy on the go meals that I have eaten majority of my childhood life and that is the Siopao.

     Siopao is I believe an asian delicacy which consists of a baked, lightly puffed bread with different sorts of meats stuffed inside. For me I have tasted only two flavors and they are: Bola Bola, which is simply a meatball made of pork or beef, and the other flavor being my favorite which is Asado, which is sort of sweet pulled pork kinda filling.

     These Siopaos can be found in a lot of filipino or asian markets sold as frozen packs, but my favorite go to place to get these cute, tasty pastries is a restaurant called Chowking. Chowking is a famous restaurant in the Philippines and here they make Siopaos just perfectly and also the flavors are all on point, with the sweetness, savoriness and the right puffiness of the pastry all work so harmonious well, that makes me live Siopaos even more.

     A Chowking restaurant can be found around the U.S and one popular one is at Glendale, but I believe there is also one much closer to Los Angeles.

     Siopao for sure in my mind is one of the easiest on the go meals that I have enjoyed and now would have so much joy digging into this delicious goodness… 😁😁😁


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