Beef Rolls


     Something that I came across as I roamed around the food court of the Westfield Mall was this delicious looking rolls. I haven’t eaten at this particular restaurant before as most of the time I usually go for a corn dog and fries from Hotdog on a Stick, so this was a first time for me.

     I was told by my brother to check out and try these beef rolls as he said they were really good, so when word breaks out like that, you know I had to dash out and get some for myself.

     My initial reaction upon opening the container was that immediately you could see the different colors lightly flowing out from the crust of the rolls, from the green of the vegetables and the crispy brown color of the beef.

    The aroma that the dish gave off was a mixture of both an earthy, but at the same time you can also smell the savory beef inside. The aroma was something that made me excited to bite into it and once I did, I was impressed by the popping of the flavors in my mouth. Definitely I got the taste of the green onions when I bit into it, but that was also accompanied and balanced off by the meaty and slight sweet flavor of the beef. This was really, really good you guys, and for a first reaction I was pretty much very happy with this dish.

     I totally would order this again, and for me the price and the serving portions fits well together and is just perfect for customers. Flavors are all on point and I really love the containers they are placed in, it isn’t any kind of fancy containers, but I just love them as they are perfect for reusing as lunch containers.

     So these rolls can be found at a place called “100 Noodles Express” and is in fact also one of their signature dishes. You can find one stationed at the food court of Westfield Culver City Mall,  but also you can get them in many more places around.

     But for now!! I can’t wait to dig more into this delicious yummy yummy beef rolls….. Hehe! 😁😘……



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