Sweet Treats #7 (Coconut Cheese Tarts)


     For this sweet treat post, I am going into one treat I havent tasted before and that is a tart.

     At first I was expecting something like a pop tart, since that is mostly the tart I have eaten, but after my aunt bought a (Young Coconut/Cheese Tart) I soon realized it was somewhat of a  pie/cake style kinda treat.

     Like I said before in my macaroon post, I love, love, love me some coconut, especially when it’s young coconut.

    To state some facts, young coconut is different to the coconut used in macaroons in the way that young coconut are softer and their sort of the “meat” that you get when you pop open a whole coconut. It’s soft, sweet and I know it packs lots of nutrients as coconut does help cleanse the urinary system, at least that’s what I was told as a kid. Then for the coconut used in  macaroons, the kind of coconut used there are somewhat similar to coconut shavings, which are more hard in texture, but not hard like hard rock hard, just that it is simply not as soft as young coconut. Also coconut shavings tend to havr a much more flakey texture.

     For me I prefer young coconut, because it’s more natural tasting and the texture is more preferable, but I do love coconut shavings as well.

     The tarts were delectable and I could tell you that it tasted much like a Cassava Cake. I tasted tons of cassava cakes before, mostly when I use to live in the Philippines, my family would always have cassava cakes as desserts, so upon biting into this dish I definitely got the resembling feeling that of a cassava cake.

     This tart also consists of a cheese flavor which is not overpowering, but it slides under like a blanket to the coconut. Again in this treat the coconut is the flavor that stands out the most when you go in for a taste.

     The crust also adds a pretty nice textures, but it also adds a bonus to this sweety treat’s layering of flavors.

     So if you guys ever want to taste a sweet treat style pie with a twist put on it, then you can try this young coconut cheese tart from Leelin(Goldilocks). Also they sell other styles of desserts and dishes that I found to be nostalgic as it brought me back to the treats I grew up eating in the Philippines.




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