Mama’s Cooking (Shrimp Tempura)


     A dish my mom would always cook, when the weather is good and not as sizzling hot, is shrimp tempura.

     Growing up shrimp tempura was literally like the majority of the meals I ate. I remember that every week, I would beg my mom to cook shrimp tempura to the point where my family thought I was joking around, but really I do love the taste of shrimpy goodness, especially the way my mom makes it.

     She layers the shrimp with breadcrumbs and tempura coating, but I believe that she adds some kick to it, but not like a kick that’s spicy as I have acid reflux and that doesn’t go well, but she adds some spices in there that gets your mouth bursting with flavor when you pop a piece into your mouth.

     She also makes them tender and crunchy, I don’t know how she gets then so crunchy, but it is dang crunch goodness.

     I honestly had like over 20 pieces of this thing, as for me after eating one, it’s just like potato chips, “You Just Can’t Have One.”

     So I know I will venturing out and probably posting more shrimp tempura dishes, as I am totally excited to search and find a restaurant that has super, tasty, seafoody, shrimpy goodness.


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