Sweet Treats #6 (Macaroons)


     A treat that I grew up eating as a child was a macaroon, and luckily I was able to find one when I ventured out to a Filipino store with aunt, and doubles my luck as the macaroon was in a flavor I truly love.

    We found this cute packaged one’s from a Red Ribbon store when I was outing and thought why not try a macaroon once again since it is a sweet treat and it was coconut flavored, which upon seeing it instantly just made my mouth crave the treat.

     So we did purchase it for a trial run, and I must say that it was a treat indeed with strong and awesomness coconut goodness flavor that I came to love so much.

     This macaroon was not as sweet as the previous ones, but that coconut flavor stood out for me and this delicacy quite strongly had a more cake flavor to it. I had about three pieces because of the fact that I do love, love, love coconut flavor, but also this macaroon had a tender, crisp layer which gave the macaroon that texture addition.

     You do also get an accented taste of sugar layering the macaroon when you bite into it, but mainly the coconut is the star flavor that bursts out immediately after biting it.

     So for the coconut fans like me, this is a sweet treat that you need to indeedly try as it will send your sweet tooth tingling for more with its coconut goodness flavor.



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