Yummy Ramen


     I am not really a fan for Ramen, but I must say this one tasted different and really good. There is a saltiness in the broth, but also the pork and beef, I believe is the other meat, are placed in the soup which enhances the dish’s flavor even more.

     The noodles are also well made and have a different texture as well to others that I had.

     But really the winner for me in the dish is the broth, because that is literally the money for this Ramen soup. It’s just salty goodness with the flavors that are also somewhat earthy and meaty.

     This Ramen can be found at the Westfield Mall at Century City in L.A. The restaurant is called Ajisen Ramen and I believe that there is also one at San Francisco as I remember passing by one when I visited my aunt.

     So for the next time I crave a Ramen, I know where I’m going……. also I know that I will truely be enjoying the food.


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