Sweet Treats #5 (Assorted Cheesecakes)


     This is what I call perfection. This actually comes with most of my favorite cheesecake flavors.

     It’s basically like getting a strawberry, brownie, chocolate and caramel cheesecake, but you only really paid for one piece. It’s definitely nice towards the wallet, and it taste and feels so dang delicious towards the mouth.

     I also need to applaud them for their cheesecake crust, usually store bought cheesecakes aren’t as high quality than those like you get in Cheesecake Factory or Red Ribbon and such, but I must say that this was actually in their level. It has that sweet, mouth shimmering, loving flavor that you get from Cheesecake Factory and at the same time is worth it cause you get several flavors for a purchase at a low price. So for someone like me who craves a sweet treat and must have one now and then, this cheesecake defintely can get the job done.

     I think I got this at Ralphs, but I will double check and update when I have confirmed it, and I must also say that I been loving Ralphs for a while now, for their ready to serve delicacies and desserts, I mean I can literally have a full on dinner for a great value at Ralphs!!!


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