Fruit Salad


     So to start things off, I would like to just say that fruit salad is basically one of my families all time favorite desserts.

     This type of fruit salad is a style from the Philippines, and it contains Condensed Milk and Nestle Cream, and of course the canned fruits.

     I basically just copied my mother’s recipe for her fruit salad, because she absolutely nails it everytime with the perfect amount of sweetness and keeping enough sauce without it being over watery.

     Fruit salad is definitely something that is perfect to serve at this moment, for it has been in the 90° this past months. The heat can get quite intense especially in the afternoons, so the best way to counter that problem is with something sweet and chilled, like a fruit salad.

     So…… wrapping up now, time to dig into this eye wonder and hopefully this batch will last me until the heat passes…….


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