A Dedication to Wes Craven

It is sad to hear that someone that you really admired has passed away.

Today, Mr. Wes Craven, who was one of greatest master of horror directors, has passed away due to brain cancer. It is tough indeed to be in a state of illness especially if that illness is cancer.

Wes Craven was a true artist who was able to craft great works such as Scream, Nightnare on Elm Street and The Last House on the Left.

As I mentioned I always considered Wes Craven to be a master of horror, especially in the field of the horror/ slasher genre. For me he was one of the many directors who got the formula right in making a proper slasher film, and for a slasher fan such as I, it is sad to see someone that skilled in that field of horror to be forever gone.

I just wanted to make this post as a means of dedication, thanking the late, Wes Craven for bringing us great thrills, original scare scenes and dark humor for the past years.

He will truely be missed, but surely through his works he shall live on.



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