Mama’s Cooking (Arroz Caldo)


At first glance, it might not seem that appealing and delectable to eat, but this is one of the many foods that I enjoy eating that is widely serve in the Philippines.

Arroz Caldo is sort of a soup dish that usually consists of a broth, rice and chicken. All together these three components work really well together and give off a unique flavor, also with the proper seasonings this dish can instantly be a home run in the kitchen.

My mom usually cooks this when it’s cold outdoors, cause we all know when it’s cold outside the best dish is a dish served hot, but we all haven’t had it in a while so we asked her to cooked up a bunch for us and there at that moment I remembered the flavors of exact heaven.

Arroz caldo is just one of the many dishes I love from the Philippines that truely helps me stay in touch with my culture, especially since I crave it most times in the winter season. Also eating it helps me remember the good times of cuddling up in the sofa, watching cartoons and just pure relaxation as the rain poured outside, something about that moment was pure calmness for me.

So to that I give a two thumbs up to my fellow friend the delicious and ever tasty “ARROZ CALDO….”


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