Sweet Treats #3


     Nothing gets sweeter and chiller than a good cooled ice cream sandwich. For my taste this type of sweet treat always hits the mark and doesn’t disappoint. I mean really though how can you go wrong with chocolate and ice cream combined together???

     Klondike has been one of my favorite brands and still is. There brand delivers the tastiest ice cream sandwiches that exist in my opinion, so I would like to dedicate this edition of “Sweet Treats” to them as I way to show my thanks.

     Oh my goshhh! just writing about ice cream sandwiches gets me craving hard, I mean I just can taste it right now at the tip of my lips as my teeth linger from the chills of the ice cream, I totally need one this moment, but too bad no one can drive me to the market any time soon, talk about the feels (#thestruggle)……..


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