Mama’s Cooking (Lobster)


     I remember eating this like it was yesterday. My first reaction upon seeing this beautiful creation was “Holy Craps, that’s a huge lobster,” I mean like I have eaten some lobster previous to that day, but this was just WOW!

     I remember as well that my mouth started watering just as it was being prepared. The wait was literally torture.

     Just as it was almost ready, you can instantly smell that seafood aroma fill up the kitchen and that for me is a savored moment.

     Of course there was also a butter sauce on the side, because it is indeed a known fact that butter makes everything better, but in this case the combination of the melted butter sauce and lobster just perfectly melds together and a flavor explosion happens when eaten together.

     Just blogging about it makes me hungry, So I guess I gotta ask my mom if she can get some, because this was a meal I quite enjoyed a lots……


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