Sweet Treats #2


      For my Sweet Treat segment this week I am dedicating it to my lovely friend “HELLO PANDA.”

     As a kid who grew up in the Philippines this is one of those go to snacks I used to have during breaks in school. I remember keeping a pack of these treats in my bag and as the teacher is lecturing in front of the class, I slowly insert my hand into my bag and reach for a piece and quickly shove them into my mouth.

     Hello Panda is basically a cookie formed into a panda’s face with a filling inside. The filling inside differs from either Chocolate or Strawberry, but for me personally I favor the chocolate more.

     The flavors aren’t as strong or sweet that it overpowers the whole thing. The filling is of the right consistency and the right amount of sweetness. The cookie portion is aldo of the right addition as it adds the crunch factor to this delectable snack.

     This cutie cookie was a highlight of my childhood and is still one of my go to snacks when my sweet tooth starts acting up.

     Cheap and


comes in a cute package, this is truely something that makes my life a little sweeter.


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