Sweet Treats


     When my sweet tooth acts up, all the candies and sweet treats better watch out, because I’m coming full on….

     ^_^ just jk…………… I consider myself a somewhat mild candy addict in that I can control my intake of these sweet delicacies.

     So for my first “sweet tooth” blog post, I would dedicate it to one of my favorites (The Chocolate Covered Marshmallows).

     It is no doubt that most things covered in chocolate would end up in my tummy, but something about this combination works simply remarkable and harmonically. The combination of the softness and pureness of an original flavor marshmallow and the sweetness of the chocolate just makes for a perfect soother for a person’s sweet tooth.

     So cheers!!!! to all the Chocolate Covered Marshmallows out there 😙. Thank you for making my life so sweet.


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